meet joey

I have been a licensed mental health therapist since 2007. I have worked at community mental health centers, private group practices, and LDS Family Services and started my private practice in 2016.
In 2017, I began a more intense study in trauma and attachment theory after finding the work of Deirdre Fay. Her work changed me as a human and a therapist. Since then, I have been unable to stop reading and participating in training with trauma experts. The learning is delightful to me, so much so that I NEVER leave my house without some book within the trauma field and will take advantage of reading for a few moments on a subway ride or waiting for someone or something to start.  
This love led my journey to become an educator and a coach. I have felt a deep desire to help those in the faith I was raised in and within the wider Christian community to help religious participation feel safe. I have witnessed for years while attending church and working as a therapist that people feel a lack of belonging, are misunderstood, and are emotionally unsafe in their faith. So, I decided to widen the scope of my professional world to hopefully reach more people through coaching and creating courses/workshops to provide education/guidance on the intersection of trauma and spirituality.  
Oh, and I am a professional photographer too! I am one happy lady whenever I have my camera in my hands. There isn't a moment when I don't have my camera while traveling—all landscape pictures on this website are from my trip to Greece. 
If I am not reading or have a camera in my hand, you will find me watching my favorite TV shows, hanging with friends, traveling, and attending broadway shows and concerts!!