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Therapy & Coaching services

Areas of specialty as
a therapist and coach

• Trauma informed-individual, ancestral, and collective.
• Attachment theory-including development attachment needs.
• Somatic based-helping you understand how the body is designed and reacts under stress and what it needs for safety, and how your body is leading you to heal. 
• Guidance in understanding what is under your symptoms of anxiety, depression, thoughts, emotional dysregulation, relationship challenges, or feeling stuck in your life. 
• Intersection of psychotherapy skills and spiritual/Christian topics. 

Difference between therapy and coaching

Therapy is designed to diagnose and treat mental illness. At a minimum, a therapist receives a Master's degree in the mental health field. Therapy can address the present and future, but unique to therapy is drawing on the past (including trauma, grief, loss, and relationship issues) to help the client heal. This helps to improve the quality of the client's life. Therapists can provide coaching, but coaches cannot provide therapy. 
Coaching is NOT designed to diagnose or treat mental health disorders. Coaches do not analyze the past and are more focused on a specific problem or goal based on the present and future. Coaching is more often short-term compared to therapy. Coaching assumes a client is in a position to take in direct advice and feedback to move towards their specific goal(s). 

Who I can see as a therapist?

I am a licensed as a mental health therapist in Massachusetts. Due to licensing laws, I can only provide therapy services in MA. Clients must be physically present in the state during therapy services. All sessions are virtual. I work with those over 18 years old. 

Please get in touch with me with any questions about therapeutic services. 

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Who can I see as a coach ?

Individuals from anywhere.

As a coach, I cannot process the past. However, I can use the skills I have developed as a therapist, including intentional listening, affirming, encouraging, reflecting, and supporting with empathy. 

Education is also a vital technique for a therapist. As a coach, I can offer the same teachings to my therapy clients, specifically in trauma, attachment, somatic principles, and the intersection of psychotherapy and spirituality/Christianity. I can help you gain knowledge and specific strategies and skills to help you pivot and make the changes you desire regarding personal or professional goals, building upon your inherent talents, confidence, and creativity. 

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Please get in touch with me with any questions about coaching services. 

Restoring Safety Community

•A 60-minute monthly coaching call.
•Replay is available by watching the recorded call through a gated portal that is only available for Restoring Safety Coaching Community members. 
•Topics will include the intersection between psychotherapy skills and spiritual/Christian teachings. 
•Conversations will also include deeper dives into topics discussed in workshops/courses, including additional support on your healing journey. 

Please get in touch with me with any questions about the Restoring Safety Community.

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Monthly Group Coaching Calls