When I thought of where I wanted to spend my Christmas vacation for 2019, I was thinking I wanted somewhere warm and a place that had a slower pace. I thought both ‘requirements’ would be good for me as I knew the kind of year I was going to have. In 2019, besides ‘running’ two businesses, I was also in pretty intense training courses for both therapy and photography. Both trainings required a lot of my free time throughout the year and so I thought some down time over the break would be good for me.

In April I began to look into locations. To be honest, The Canary Islands have always been a place I had heard of and somewhat on my list of places to go, but I also looked into many other places. It turns out a lot of Island vacations (at least around Christmas) are pretty expensive. When I looked at the Canary Islands not only was it way more affordable, there were also so many positive reviews of the Islands. So, in May, I booked my flight and hotel to Tenerife.

When I began to research what to do on my vacation, it seemed there were so many options and islands to visit. I decided to keep my visit to Tenerife and not visit the other Islands. In my mind, I kept trying to make the vacation as easy going as I could. But, as I continued to plan my trip, I could also see that I was not going to laying by the beach too much and exploring as much of the Island as I could.

I left for the trip on the 23rd of December. I was not looking forward to the travel there as I had two layers-one in NYC and the other in Madrid. I had over 17 hours of travel ahead of me. But gratefully, all flights were on time and I had no issues. But I was SOOOOO exhausted when I arrived in Tenerife. I could not wait to get to my hotel and just lay down and rest. I was so happy when I got my hotel and it was so beautiful. I stayed at the Iberostar Grand Hotel. The grounds of the hotel were gorgeous and spacious. My hotel was also close to the central part of town and right across the street from a beautiful park.

I just loved my hotel room, the balcony opened up to the view of the ocean. It was not a full view of the ocean, there were some buildings in front. But I could still see and hear the ocean.

Due to my fatigue, I decided to stay in my room for the rest of the day. I needed some sleep, but I also felt if I rested, the rest of the trip would go better. So I sleep, read, and watched movies. I even got room service, which is something I never do. I wasn’t even hungry, but I had not eaten much the prior 24 hours, I knew I needed to eat something.

Unfortunately, it took me a few days to get adjust to my new sleeping schedule as well as getting an appetite. I did not sleep or eat much the first few days of my trip. Sadly, I did not really enjoy the food on the Island, so not eating much was not that big of a deal for me.

The following day was Christmas Eve. I knew schedules and places being open would be different. I was going to be getting around the Island by public bus and that was the first thing to figure out. According the internet (at least what I read), the public bus system worked well and frequently used. Well, it is widely used, but it was NOT easy to figure out for me. I most often use google maps to guide me and it did not work very well. And pretty soon, I figured out English was not widely spoken (which I totally understood), so getting directions from others was pretty challenging. I did my best to rely on the printed schedule and the mercy of anyone who would help me but getting around the Island was not as easy as I had hoped. I still got around to all the places I wanted to go. It just took me a little longer and I was often hoping I was actually going in the right place.

Something that I have write about was the weather!! It was 70-75 degrees the entire time I was there!! I so loved it. I was warm, but never too hot. And no humidity…what a treat! It was definitely weird wearing sunscreen in December. I had a cardigan on in the morning and evening, but I never needed it or wanted it on during most of the day.

Also, the Christmas decorations were everywhere and throughout all the towns I visited!! I loved all the light displays and that Nativity scenes are in public areas. A cool thing about the warmer weather was that plants were in full bloom…poinsettias were everywhere, and I mean everywhere!! They were all over my hotel, but also, they were planted in the grown all over town.

Back to Christmas even day…after getting my bus pass, my first stop was La Languana. Again, it was Christmas Eve and the streets were packed with locals eating and drinking. It was crowded and loud. Of course, I prefer the streets quiet and with no people-to make taking pictures easier. But I also was enjoying experiencing Christmas the way locals did. I am not sure, if I saw everything that was on my list, but due to the celebrations I knew I was going to see what I saw and headed back to Santa Cruz.

I decided to see some of the sites that were on my list in Santa Cruz. Things were much quieter in there, and it is also much bigger. Also, by the time I was back in Santa Cruz, it was later, and I think people were home with their families for Christmas Eve. I was grateful I started to see some of the sites that day. I could see that it was going to take time, to take all of Santa Cruz in. It is the capital of Tenerife and almost 1 million people live in the city.

The next day was Christmas!! After my slower start the day before (due to figuring out the bus system), I was determined to get in as much as I could. I planned and hoped to see two cities this day. I hoped because I was not so sure about the buses, due to the holiday. My first stop was Puerta de la Cruz. When I got there, it was pretty quiet. It is known as a tourist city and it felt like it. I could see that was there were a lot of hotels in certain areas and it was right on the beach. During the morning, walked along the beach and streets, right along the coast. The streets/homes/buildings were all so old. I loved observing how those lived in this area. Restaurant/shops flowed as such a part of the community. I loved seeing locals hanging, drinking, and talking in bar/restaurants even in the mornings. I could begin to see how living on this Island/on the coast in these towns was very different than how I have lived. I ate lunch right on the beach and then headed into the more touristy part of the town. This area was much livelier, and more shops/restaurants were open.

By early afternoon, I knew I needed to head the next town of Octava. I took a taxi over there as it was only a few miles and I feared I was would lose day light time figuring out the bus. This town was gorgeous. It was a little more inland and was full of history. The streets and buildings in the historic district were gorgeous. There was an area that a full nativity village set up. It felt pretty perfect to be visiting it on Christmas day. I mainly just walked the streets looking at the homes, churches, and older buildings. I tried to find an area that had old water mills, but I could not find the area. Not a lot of locals were out in the area and with the language barrier, I could not ask for directions. While looking for the watermills I enjoyed taking in the scenery, but also realized how much hill walking I would do while on this trip. It turned out A LOT. My legs so got a work out on this trip!! So many hills. But this also meant gorgeous views of cities, hill sides, and the ocean. In the moment, I was not loving the pain, but the pain was always worth it.

Gratefully, I found my way back by bus to Santa Cruz that night. I was a bit worried about the bus schedule and availability of buses due to Christmas Day. I was at the wrong bus station for a while, but gratefully I nice bus driver helped me direct by way to the right area.

When back in Santa Cruz, I decided to walk to my hotel. I ended finding the main shopping area and there were a few outdoor markets open. It was quieter (definitely compared the future nights I was there) and I had dinner before heading back to my hotel.

The next day, I had my only excursion planned. I was visiting Mt. Teide National Park. Excursions always have good and bad in them. I enjoy not walking around as much, not worrying about getting lost. But the lack of freedom of what I can do, can be a bit hard. But, overall enjoyed the day and there is no way I could have seen what I did without being on the excursion. The park was unlike anything I had seen before. You drive through a forest, before you get the top and then it’s a whole different view. They describe the park as visiting another world/planet and it does feel like it. It’s different than anything I have seen before. But also parts did look a bit like the National Parks in southern Utah. Riding to the top Mt. Teide was a bit underwhelming. It was very cold up there, so staying outside to take the view was challenging. I took a few pictures up there and called it good.

I got back into Santa Cruz around 4/5 pm. I decided this left time to get some shopping in. So, I headed back to the main shopping area and it was an entirely different scene from the night before. The streets were packed with people. It felt so different than being back home and again I could get a feel of how different things are on the Island compared to home especially in the winter months. With it being so much warmer, people are out and about more. I never really felt I was around tourists in this area of Santa Cruz. I felt like it was locals just shopping, eating, and gathering in these main areas of town. I loved the feeling of everyone gathering often to talk and be with another. There were special markets open for the Christmas season, but I could tell people are more in public areas, than compared to back home. Part of me was jealous, with the ability to be outside more year around. So many restaurants/bars so widely open to the outdoors.

As I noted before, google maps was not a reliable source for bus schedules. But I did not quite know the extent of this lack of reliability until the last part of my trip. The first couple of days. I thought it was just off due the holiday schedule for the buses. And I did not ride it on Thursday. I still thought Google Maps was giving me good advice until Thursday morning. I wanted to go to certain town called Garchcio. According to google maps, the only times(s) I could take the bus would be at 6:20 am or not until 11:30 and it was going to be close to two-hour bus ride (with transfers). So, I got up around 5 am to get on the bus early to make sure I got there at a reasonable time and it turns out there were many buses running throughout the day to this area of the Island. Overall, I am glad I left that early as it turned out to be a full day with all that I wanted to see, and the buses took a long-time home (I think it was Friday night traffic).

The drive over this part of the Island was pretty picturesque. The route was along the coast and the views were stunning. I wish I could have stopped so many times and been able to take pictures. It was so hard not to get of the bus multiple times. But I felt it was best to stop on my way home, if I was going to do this.

Garchico was a lovely coastal town full of history and charm. As the bus was arriving into town, I saw a spot I wanted to go back and take pictures of. I got off the bus and walked back as quick I could. The sun was about to come over the mountains and then the light would have too harsh. In this spot, I could capture the ocean, cliffs, a tunnel and very old buildings. My walk back to town included walking by a massive amount of banana trees.

I think of my favorite parts of Tenerife was the variety of landscapes and scenery. No town or part of the Island seemed the same. I feel I only got a handful of experiences on the Island and feel there is so much more to see.

Because I got to Garchico so early, the town and streets were quiet. I think of the hardest parts of photographing in each city was capturing the plaza/squares and church adequately. The churches were so big (and tall) that there was no way at least with my camera lens that I could capture how beautiful and historic they are. But each plaza/square were truly gorgeous, and I loved visiting them.

When researching Garchico, I saw the city sat on a hill and I wanted to see the ocean/city from the top. I wasn’t quite sure I could get the top to see the view/get a picture. However, I set off and tried by climbing the hills of the town. Another thing I observed by vising the multiple towns were how clean the streets were. The buildings may have old, but there was no trash anywhere and things were taken care off. I even saw while in Garcarchico people cleaning throughout the town and not just in the tourist parts.

Back to climbing…oh how I kept climbing. I wondered if I should be where I was, but then I saw there were benches/look out areas to stop and take in the wonder of what was there. I loved that this could have been for locals or even maybe tourists. I think one of my favorite things I witnessed was 3 older gentlemen just sitting on a bench talking and overlooking the gorgeous view of the city and ocean. Also, everyone you walk by will acknowledge and say hello to you. I may not have not been able communicate, but everyone seemed friendly.

Well, the top views were definitely worth it. It really was moment a to be taken in. Seeing the town and ocean from this view was breathtaking. I needed to rest, but also, I wanted to soak in all that I was experiencing. I had a lot time to my own thoughts throughout a lot of the trip. I do often spend a lot of time on my own, but I did not have a lot distraction on this trip. I had a lot of time for thinking and observing what was coming to me. I was really gratefully for all the space/time I had to be with my thoughts.

I walked back into town, had lunch and saw a little more of the town. I decided to make my way back to Santa Cruz, hoping to stop by one of the towns I saw on the way over. I noticed the name of the town, but I did not know exactly where it was. And again, I could not communicate very well, so I could only hope I could see it/know where to stop in time. These buses would ‘fly’ through these towns. I knew I would need to act quick if this was going to happen.

Well…I missed my chance at the certain town I wanted to stop by. I kind of thought, getting off the bus may not happen. But then I noticed another beautiful area. I just pressed the next stop button on the bus, got off, and hoped I would figure things out from there. Somehow, I stopped at an amazing place. More beautiful that I could have imagined, and it had walking trails all the way down the ocean. I could not believe my luck. I was truly surprised by what I was seeing. There were beautiful cliffs and the ocean views all in front of me.

I walked as high as I could on the cliffs and all the way to bottom to the ocean. I loved hearing the roar the ocean against the rocks and how big the waves were. There was so much greenery as well. I know my pictures won’t capture how amazing the views were. I was definitely so tired after all the walking/hiking I did that day. All I could do was go to bed when I got home.

The next day, I got early because I wanted to visit the ‘farmers’ market in town and head to Anaga rural park. Thank goodness the park was not that far from Santa Cruz, but it would take a couple of buses to get there.

I enjoyed being at the market, but I knew I could not get all I wanted due to my limited communication skills. The market was loud and busy…so I knew I could not take my time in trying to communicate when I did not know if I could be understood. So, I stuck with pastries/breads, fruit, and I found a French cheese shop without a huge counter in front to make talking easier.

There was one spot on the Island that I did not get to (Masca). By bus it was going to take too long and I also ran out of time. So, I was hoping that Anaga Rural Park would be just as amazing as Masca. Well, I can’t know for a certainty that it was; however, I found the Park was pretty darn cool!!

I really did not know what to expect about the park or what to do once a got there. The internet noted a great starting part was a certain visitors center. So that is where I started. I asked the guide for a hike to the beach and he gave me what I thought would be exactly would have experienced at Masca-seeing a village that still exists in the mountains and an amazing views/landscapes all the way down the beach. Also, there would buses from the beach back to Santa Cruz. I was so excited. It was all that I wanted, and the guide noted it was impossible to get lost.

So, I set off on what thought would be a 4-hour hike going down a mountain and ending at the ocean. I was cruising along for the first 1.5 hours. I saw the trail markers and thought I was on right path. But all of a sudden, a found myself in parking lot no longer on the trail. I was truly confused on how I got off the trail. I kept seeing makers and the trail really seemed straight forward.
I really did not know what to do. I knew overall, it was around 1:30 and I did not have all day. I needed to make sure I found a bus to get home and the only option I knew of at this time was to walk all the way back up the way I came. I didn’t want to do that, and I REALLY wanted to see the mountains, villages, and the beach.

So, I took a gamble and started walking on the road to what I felt was going down-towards the beach. I walked for about 20 minutes and began to see the views I had hoped to see while in the park-huge vistas of mountains with a few villages/homes in them-with the ocean on the other side. I can’t describe how amazing was. It was spectacular!! I was alone (in a good way), it was quiet, and full of peace, and I could just admire all the beauty around me. My heart was truly full.

I walked a bit more and found a bus stop. Which totally shocked me! The schedule (if right) showed a bus stopping in a little bit over an hour. I also saw a sign for a town/village that showed another trail (according to my map) that would get me down to the ocean. I had a choice to make. Take a gamble-try to find the trail or wait for a bus that may or may not come.

I decided to try to find the trail. I began to walk down to the village and did so for about 20 minutes. I felt I was not making a lot of progress towards finding anything that would guide me to where I wanted to go. I also did not see anyone, and I could not speak to them anyway.

I became worried I really would get lost and felt I should be a little smarter about the situation. So, I decided to walk back (up!!) to the bus stop and hope the bus would take back to the bus station and then I would go to the beach. It would have taken a long time, but I wanted to get to the beach.

I sat by the bus stop, ate my lunch, and just tried to soak up all I could of this little piece of heaven. After about 15 minutes an older man drove up from the village I tried to walk towards. He spoke no English and I very little Spanish. But I could tell he was trying to tell the bus would take forever and he would drive me to the bus stop.

Well, really knowing my situation did not look good from where I was, I got in with him. I really did not feel worried at all. Maybe I should have, but I just didn’t. I took it on as adventure-driving through the mountains in a really old van with a man who I could barely communicate with. Thank goodness for maps! I was able show him where I wanted to go. He ‘told me’ the town he could drop me off in so I could catch the bus. We talked a little along the way with the broken Spanish I could speak. He was very kind, and I really am so grateful for the kindness of strangers!!

I walked around the town for a few minutes and then waited for the bus. And then finally made to the town I had hoped to get to. And all that work was so worth it. I know I am overusing these words, but it was another beautiful coastal town. Again, I hope my pictures do justice to what I was seeing. I kept imaging what it would be like to live in these towns and have this view/type of life. It didn’t feel like there were tourists playing on the beach or eating at the seaside restaurants. It was locals living their lives.

Sadly, I could only stay a couple of hours as got there later in the afternoon. I had to wait a long time for the bus, transfer to another bus, and eventually made it back to Santa Cruz. I was so tired (again), but I wanted to get some shopping in. I need to get me some European chocolate before I went home. Sure, I can get some of it at home, but it is so much cheaper to get while I was there. I also wanted to go through the Christmas market area one more time-I actually had not been through a certain area of it. I was also hungry, and I found burrito truck. I was never so happy to just eat a simple burrito. Again, the food authentic to the Island was not my favorite. So, I was happy to eat something I recognized. I made it home and literally went right to bed.

My last full day in Tenerife. I want to go to Church. Luckily, the church building was only about a 2o minute walk. It was in an area I had not been in and I was not sure I was going to find it. But just as soon as I had hoped I found it, I heard a ‘church’ song blaring (literally) from a car driving by and I knew I was in the right area. I am glad I went to church and experienced a ward in different part of the world. Sadly, I really could not understand anything. I know the members would have been happy to talk to me and me to them, but I could not communicate, so I was ready to leave after Sacrament meeting.

The day was absolutely beautiful. The weather perfect. I felt so relaxed walking back to my hotel. I again tried to imagine what it would be like walking to church like this often. I know it gets hotter there, but I could only think it was going to be freezing when I arrive back in Boston.

The last place I wanted to visit was the beach right outside Santa Cruz. It took me way longer to get there than it should have…another bus mishap. The beach stretched along the side of a beautiful mountain and it felt more a ‘traditional beach.’ Although, different than back home, as there were restaurant/bars along the beach that served people on the beach. I had lunch at one of them. I tried another traditional dish and I was not a fan. Basically, it is boiled potatoes in saltwater with sauces on the side. The potatoes were sooo salty. I then walked along the beach, sat on the harbor for a while, then I it was time for me to leave.

I wanted to have some time by the pool at my hotel before I left. I wanted to talk advantage of the grounds of the beautiful hotel. I read by the pool until sunset, trying to soak in all that I could I was not ready to be done with the Island and head home. So, went at grabbed dinner at an Italian restaurant. I was hoping to eat something I enjoyed. But again, it I had an island twist and way too heavy for me. As, I write this blog on the plane ride home…I can’t wait to go eat a salad!! I would never think I would be tired of carbs…but I am done with potatoes and bread for a while!! But I ate the dinner outside by the pool…living the vacation life as long as I could.

I finished packing that night and left for the airport early in the morning. I was there before the airport opened (by like 10 minutes at 5:30 am) and I was the first person in line. My travels went well and made back to Boston with no issues. I absolutely loved my trip the Canary Islands!!

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