I was itching for a trip and that is challenging right now due to Covid. At the time of this trip (and still is true as write this) I have not had a vacation this year. But I knew I needed a little time away. I originally wanted to go to Vermont, but due to Covid, my county was not allowed to stay overnight in the state. So, I decided on New York State, as we were allowed there.

This was a very last-minute trip and I knew I did not want a long drive, so my choices were limited. I decided on Tarrytown, NY. I have been to a Sleepy Hallow a town right next to Tarrytown a few years back for Halloween festivities. But it was only during the evening. So, I really had not explored the area and that is what my soul needed!!

I texted my friend Stephanie about my last-minute trip. She was my roommate during my Senior year at BYU. She and her husband were dating during that year and both became amazing friends during that time. They just moved to CT and do not live too far from Tarrytown. I asked if she could meet in Tarrytown while I was there, and she said Yes!! I was so excited. She and her husband met me the first night of my trip. It was the BEST way to start of this little weekend getaaway. Nothing better than eating outside on a summer night talking for hours!!

During the following morning I spent time on an project I am working on. The grounds of the hotel were inviting and beautiful. I was able to work outside. Around noon I left for my first stop. I loved that I staying very close to all sites I wanted to visit.

My first stop was the Lyndhurst Mansion. ‘Lyndhurst, also known as the Jay Gould estate, is a Gothic Revival country house that sits in its own 67-acre park beside the Hudson River.’ (Wikipedia).

The mansion and grounds were beautiful and not crowded. I am SO missing internal travel (as so many are), so anytime I feel I am in Europe even for a few minutes, my heart is SOOO happy. I stayed/toured the grounds all afternoon…I may have taken a nap.

Afterwards I walked part way on the Tappan Zee Bridge, officially named the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge. This bridge is named, ‘after former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, {and} is a twin cable-stayed bridge spanning the Hudson River between Tarrytown and Nyack in the U.S. state of New York. It was built to replace the original Tappan Zee Bridge, which was located just to the south. The new bridge’s north span carries the northbound and westbound automobile traffic of the New York State Thruway, Interstate 87 (I-87) and I-287; it also carries a shared use path for bicycles and pedestrians.'(Wikipedia.)

After my walk, I picked up dinner and headed home. The hotel grounds were big and were very active when I returned. I found a spot to eat dinner and do more reading (and a little people watching)!

The next morning I worked on my project again, but I had to work inside my hotel room. It rained all morning along. I checked out of the hotel and headed to Sunnyside, Washington Irving’s home. ‘Sunnyside (1835) is a historic house on 10 acres (4 ha) along the Hudson River, in Tarrytown, New York. It was the home of the American author Washington Irving, best known for his short stories, such as “Rip Van Winkle” (1819) and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” (1820)’ (Wikipedia).

Visiting Sunnyside was a treat. Another moment I felt I was in Europe. It was pouring rain at this point. Thank goodness, I had my raincoat and umbrella. Taking pictures with an umbrella and one hand that has little strength is challenging, but I somehow always find a to make it work. On my way out I found the most beautiful flower garden and I did not let the rain ruin the moment!

On my walk across the bridge the night before I saw the Sleep Hallow Lighthouse from a far. I wanted to visit it, however I was not sure how to get there. But as luck would have it the lighthouse was very near the place I ordered lunch from! Due to construction it took me a bit to find a path to it, but I am so glad I did. The path had an amazing view of the bridge, I got a see the NYC skyline faintly in the background, and I got up close and personal to the lighthouse.

While in Tarrytown, I knew no visit would be complete with a visit to the Sleepy Hallow Cemetery!! I have been there before, but only during the dark, for a lantern tour of the cemetery. The tour was way cool, but I really did not get to see much!! It was worth the stop; I really love New England Cemeteries. They have such history and they are beautiful. I also visited the Old Dutch Church/Burying Grounds and The Headless Horse Bridge from the Legend of Sleep Hallow!

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