I have always wanted to spend a few days in Nantucket. With traveling being challenging this year due to Covid, this summer felt like the perfect time to go! I needed time away so I was very excited to finally make this trip happen.

When I began to look into accommodations for Nantucket, I was not necessarily surprised by the prices, but the prices were crazy high!! I also thought I would bring my car over to the Island, but it would have cost around $5oo. Again, so crazy (at least to me it was)!! I decided I would rent a bike instead to get around the island.

I originally booked a room through Airbnb. I was not thrilled about this idea, but it seemed like the most reasonable price. A few weeks later, I looked again and found a tiny room with a shared bath at a B & B right in town. I really don’t like shared baths but again the prices were so high, I decided to make the switch. I am SO glad I did!!

I left on an early Thursday morning. My ferry was leaving at 8:15 in Hyannis. Riding in the ferry was my first time in a large group of people since Covid. I felt fine as everyone was wearing masks and it was not full.

A hour later I was in Nantucket! I walked to my B &B dropped off my luggage and went to find the bike rental shop. I thought I rented my bike near downtown, but I was wrong! I had to walk about 1.5 to the bike shop. I really did not mind, but I should have been more mindful of the address when renting the bike.

I have not really ridden a bike in MANY years. I knew I still knew how, but I was not sure how I would do with balancing. Let’s just say I was not easy-going bike rider out on the bike paths on the Island. I felt I was more of a public danger on the paths. But I did not hit anyone or cause any accidents while on my bike. And I also never feel off or crashed. But I DEFINTELY came close more than once!!

My first stop after picking up the bike, I was off to Sconset. I wanted to see the Sankaty lighthouse and also to do the bluff walk. After riding 8 miles I was hot, sweaty, and thirsty!! I bought two lemonades and drink them in seconds. I then rode out the lighthouse. It was an overcast day, which made all my photography dreams come true. As I went almost mid-September, there were fewer people touring the area. I practically had the place to myself and took TONS of pictures of the lighthouse. I knew this lighthouse and other spots on Nantucket were going to be pictures wanted to frame and hang up on my room. I was determined to capture for the ‘perfect shot’ of the lighthouse and I got it!!

Afterwards I rode back into Sconset and took a walk on the bluffs. The walk is along the coast in people’s backyard. Literally. At first, it felt really weird. But I got used to it. The views and the homes were absolutely gorgeous. It’s hard to describe the houses on the Island, it almost feels too perfect. It seems different areas of Island each have a style of home and within each area all the houses were very similar. Each style is beautiful, and they all have perfectly manicured lawns.

I knew it was going to rain, so I thought I would have a hour to ride back into town. I thought I had it well planned out. That was until I tried to get the bike lock unlocked. I brought my own bike lock, just in case. So, I used mine and that was total mistake. I could not get a number to move and therefore I could not get the lock unlocked. I really felt stuck. Not freaked out, but knew I needed to get this unlocked. I called the bike shop, no one answered. Called AAA, they couldn’t help. Called the police department, they couldn’t help. After making these calls, I tried one more time and it the number turned. I was SOOO grateful. I rode home in the rain and obviously did not use that bike lock again.

I was very tired, wet, and thirsty after the bike ride back into town. I got a smoothie for dinner and settled in for the night. I knew I wanted to get up early the next morning and went to bed early.

Before breakfast I went the Brand Point Lighthouse. It was still overcast and so the lighting would be helpful. Gratefully, again there were no other people around. But it was very windy by the water!!
After breakfast I headed out to Madaket Beach. I knew I only had overcast skies for the morning anf had limited time for the sun came out. Thankfully, I made it in time…only a 5-mile ride to this area. The beach was quiet, beautiful, but WINDY. The beach had the ‘wood fences’ I wanted to photograph, and I again took tons of pictures!! I sat on the beach a long while, just admiring the view and peace around me. On my walk back a woman asked me to take her picture of her. It was with an IPAD. I am terrible taking pictures with an IPAD. So, I took some pictures of her with my camera and gave them to her when I returned back home.

On my way back into town, I pulled over to take a picture of something. My bike feel over, and my phone feel out the basket onto the ground. I thought nothing of it and saw they screen was lite up when I picked it up. Well, with a few seconds the screen went blank. The phone was not dead, I could hear the music I had on while riding the bike. But I could not see the screen. I tried to turn off the phone to see if that could help. Again, I could not see what I was doing. I accidently called 911!! I heard them, told them there was no emergency and I was fine!! Second call to the police while on the Island!!

I thought my phone was broke. I was not upset, I just figured I would leave the Island a little earlier than planned the next day, so could get to an Apple store before it closed. My greatest sadness was no maps, no music, no book to read, or shows to watch at night. Gratefully, I remembered the route back to the B &B. When I got back indoors, I could see the screen of the phone very faintly. The screen was just dimmed and not broken!! I could not see this in the bright sun. I was so happy!!

I decided to spend the rest of the day shopping, walking downtown/harbor, and had a very late lunch. I enjoyed by walk around town. I got a pair of the ‘lightest’ shoes I have ever bought and an obligatory Nantucket sweatshirt. I went to bed early again as I was going to do sunrise pictures the next day!!

My last day, I started out at Steps beach. It was not far from my B&B and I decided to walk. I did fine riding my bike on the designated bike paths, but on the streets with the cars, I was a hot mess!! I struggled to ride in a ‘straight line’ so therefore I was not really safe riding along cars.

I should have left a little earlier, but I made it before the sun came up and got the exact image I wanted!! And again, no one else to compete with for the shot! It was perfection!! I walked on the beach and then headed back for breakfast.

It was then time to return the bike. I am really glad I rented the bike. Although, it was scary and hard at times…it was SO fun.! As long as there are not hills, I was loving it!! It really did make getting around the island doable without a car.

After returning the bike, picking up lunch, & checking out of the B &B-I headed back to Steps beach for the rest of the day. It was a bit windy, but not too bad. I ate lunch, napped, and finished the book I was reading. I really tried to soak up all the relaxing time I could before heading back to Boston on the ferry.

The trip home went fine. I got home around 9 pm and I was ready for bed!! I so loved this trip. It was full of beauty, peace, and adventure!! I know I will go back there!!

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