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 joey's journal


I don't know when the thoughts started pouring into my head, but they haven't stopped. I don't mind. I have just learned not to go anywhere without Post-It notes and a pen to write down my thoughts.

I started posting some ideas on Instagram, but it has not felt like the correct forum for me, as I felt I could not wholly share my thoughts.
so, I decided to write my thoughts down in a newsletter. My thoughts and Post-Its need a more organized and permanent home. 

Who knows if my thoughts make sense to anyone besides me or if anyone wants to read them? Also, not everyone will agree with my thoughts. That is entirely okay. It really is. 

But please know my thoughts will always come from a place of good-trying to help to create spaces for safety, tenderness, and understanding individually and collectively. 

You can find the newsletter in the blog posts below. 

There will be personal travel blogs amid the newsletters. I need a home for them. I am pretty sure my dad is the only one who reads them. But if you want to see too many pictures of my travel, feel free to open those posts up!

To subscribe to the newsletter... 

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Joey is my beautiful niece. People always ask, is she is named after me? Sadly, I always have to answer no, as she is named after her father. But this girl means a whole lot to me. I met Joey 2 hours after she was born and I had the amazing privilege of living and […]

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September 29, 2016

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